From the exotic Orient, East meets West in a whirlwind spectacle of sight and sound.

From the streets of Istanbul, virtuoso guitarist Kafkasso leads you through ancient cities to European cafés through his experiences and imagination. Original and traditional compositions, with both folk and modern instruments, come to life through the Art of Danse Orientale for a spectacle that will engage your soul. The blending of old world and new captivates the heart and ignites the spirit!

Sound and movement, two arts intertwined since the beginning of time, embrace the emotions of human experience across the world. Become intoxicated with the thrill of a new lover, or hung over in the despair and rejection of love lost. Rhythms, melodies, and dances play with never ending hope and desire for connection, understanding, and fulfillment.

Experience the music with dance artists who bring the music to life in true Mediterranean style, improvising and interpreting rhythms and melodies foreign yet familiar. Classical belly dance fuses with modern folk to bring humanity to the passion and emotion the music evokes.

Explore the Gypsy Trail with us, and remember that all who wander are not lost; they may be bravely following their dreams.

Let us inspire you with ours...